Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ilmu Khodam

The spirits are calling you. You find a sale for an Ilmu Khodam. Often referred to as Djinn or archangels, but always listed as wish granters. The Ilmu Khodam are a race that lie somewhere between the Djinn and the angels, but they are powerful, none-the-less. You find yourself immensely intrigued and you purchase the spirit. You may be able to feel it's energy, you might not. But in time, you will begin to realize that these spirit companions are energies. Vibrations. The Ilmu Khodam are highly vibrational once you learn to tune into them.

It's been my experience that once you tune into the spirit realm, it becomes easier and easier to communicate with them and your relationship will then begin to flourish. Monatomic gold is a vibrational substance in its own right. But what monatomic gold can do for you is to help jump start the vibrational energies within your own being. Once this occurs, amazing things can happen. That Ilmu Khodam's energy that you once could not feel, now becomes alive and vibrant. Monatomic gold can bring you to new levels. So what is monatomic gold and how is it manifested? Keep reading and you will begin taking your first steps to a whole new world.

Ilmu Khodam

Living Water Technology

I consider Artesian Spirit Water as being living precious water because it is actually experienced vibrating all the way through your incredible mind, body and soul. I begin with a powdered base of Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Chromium and Platinum to bring forth a person's link to your incredible light body and enhance your spirit and bond with your spirits, like the Ilmu Khodam. I exclusively use pure artesian waters originating from a mountain spring in Paeroa, New Zealand which bring along with it an excellent nutrient base and pH balance.

The elements are placed in to a MEOW kettle super strat water trap. This is no everyday vortexing system. This unique trap is wrapped in a harmonizing coil and then layered in magnetite to create a super charged spin on the monoatomic elements. It contains embedded crystals to further empower the creation process. The entire unit is powered by a tremendously powerful rare earth magnet to turbo charge the high spun m-state precious metals. This on its own is potent enough, but I go even further.

Working with the Energy of Gemstones, Crystals and GOLD!

Suspended above the trap are a selection of gem stones and crystals to further improve this amazing mineral water with their exceptional vibrational qualities. Each of these precious gems and crystals are cleansed of any negative energies that they may gather by incense cleansing. They are then re-charged in a charging and re-energizing ritual. I keep them in a tip-top, positive energy state.

Artesian Bottled Water Monoatomic Gold

Pyramid Empowering Through the Use of Focused Energy

The gem stones, crystals and vortex apparatus are all then covered up with a Pi-Phi dimensioned pyramid that truly does an incredible job of accumulating and concentrating energy. On the four corners of the pyramid are Eudialyte gemstones that are known for their manifestation abilities. If I could only just invite everyone over to feel the tremendous positive vibrations that this discharges, you would realize just how strong it truly has grown to be. Your spirits and Ilmu Khodam would love it!

Monatomic Gold Artesian Water Crafted with Intention and Blessed Vibrations

I give the waters blessings and good thoughts as it is being created and in addition subject it to 528 Hz tones along with music. All of this produces something I consider to be a extraordinarily strong, sacred, living water. I have recently been persuaded by people to think about selling this very special Artesian water, so I made up my mind to go ahead and do it. I truly am grateful for the opportunity to share this with whoever is interested. I am sure that Artesian Spirit Water will fill your entire life with healthy, positive vibrations. It needs to be experienced to be completely understood.

Take Your Craft to Brand New Heights!

For individuals that depend on vibrational energies for their craft, you're going to be AMAZED at the new levels you can reach utilizing this type of mineral water. It will super charge your personal exciting talents and it will bring the root, heart and marrow into your existence. Let your spirits come to life!

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